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Q2. What inspiration do you get from the life of Evelyn ​​​​​​? According to you what were the most important factors that helped Evelyn in her life?

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Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer.
  • Evelyn, in spite of being deaf, was a motivation and role model for other deaf children.
  • Evelyn's mother remembered how she did not respond when her name was called for the playing of the piano. When her marks deteriorated and her headmistress forced her parents to take her to a specialist, it was discovered that her hearing was impaired as a result of a gradual nerve damage.
  • However, this sickness could not kill her spirit to win and soar to greater heights.
  • She could feel music through her body and could sense music notes within her body.
  • It was a reminder to other children that their disability could not silence the sounds and voices around them.
  • She tried to read the lips of the singers.
  • One of the most important factor in her success was her determination.
  • She was not willing to give up, in spite of her illness.
  • Even though her teachers discouraged her, she did not give up but had a strong will to pursue her interest in music.
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