Pls answer B and D part


(B)Forebrain: Considered as primary controlling part of brain as it controls the voluntary actions. Sensory information reaches to forebrain and are processed. It contains 3 sub parts i) Cerebrum- Biggest part of brain and is involved in thinking and action.
ii) Thalamus- receive sensory signals and pass it on to the cerebral cortex.
iii) Hypothalamus- Control metabolic responses like releasing hormone, regulating body temperatures.
Hind brain- Control visceral functions like heart rate, sleep, blood pressure etc. it is divided into medulla oblongata, pons and cerebellum. Altogether hind brain works for coordination and body balance.

Cerebrum Cerebellum
It is a part of fore brain. It is a part of hind brain.
It consists of two cerebral hemispheres. It consists of two cerebellar hemispheres and a vermis.
It is mainly concerned with intelligence, memories, etc. It maintains posture and equilibrium.

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