Pls answer ex 6

1. India is a leader in the software industry.
Subject - India 
Predicate - is a leader in the software industry 
2. Courtesy costs nothing.
Subject -  Courtesy
Predicate - costs nothing
3. Have they eaten?
Subject -  they
Predicate - eaten
​​​​​​4. Don't indulge in backbiting.
Subject - Don't indulge
Predicate - in backbiting
​​​​​​5. I had a nightmare last night.
Subject -  I
Predicate - had a nightmare last night
6. My nephew is an aeronautical engineer.
Subject - My nephew
Predicate - is an aeronautical engineer.
7. Heavenly bodies work silently.
Subject - Heavenly bodies
Predicate - work silently
8. You can't ignore the past.
Subject - You
 Predicate - can't ignore the past
9. The price of petrol is increasing daily.
Subject - The price of petrol
Predicate - is increasing daily.
10. Your future is bright.
Subject - Your future
Predicate - is bright.
11. Wait outside
Subject - You (implied)
Predicate - wait outside
12. Drink eight glasses of water daily.
Subject - You (implied)
Predicate - drink eight glasses of water daily
13. It was here that I found the earring.
Subject -   I found the earring
Predicate - It was here that
14. Have the new books arrived?
Subject - the new books
Predicate - arrived
15. Mr. Nagi's garden is full of flowers.
Subject - Mr. Nagi's garden
Predicate - is full of flowers

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