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Q.4. Write a short story, in about 200-250 words, with any one set of the cues given in the boxes below. Give a suitable title to the story. (10 marks)
Jasmine, Ali and two other friends decided to go on a picnic to a beach. They packed their bags and were quite excited . They reached the picnic spot and came across a small child who was crying ........
On October 4,we all were decorating our house to celebrate the most long awaited festival, Diwali. My heart was filled with excitement to meet my father after a long gap of six years. But a call from the army headquarter left us stunned...

Dear Student,
Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer. Kindly work on this outline as this is a task that tests your creativity.
  • We wondered if we should ignore the child and move on.
  • But his cries pierced our hearts and we were filled with pain.
  • We decided to stop and call for attention.
  • The presence of a crowd, we assumed, would help rescue the child.
  • Suddenly, a person recognised the child and that he was kidnapped a few days ago from his neighbourhood.
  • (Continue based on your imagination)
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