Pls answer it (Ques 7)

Pls answer it (Ques 7) (a) Syphilis AIDS (b) Gonorrhoea (d) None of these Study of human population is (HPMT 2010) • a) demography (b) chronology (c) population science (d) None of these The most important factor which determined the increase in human population in India during the 20. 21

Dear student,
The answer is (a) Demography. The study of human population is called as demography which involves the study of the size of the population, the composition of it and its distribution in the given space. It also involves the processes through which the number in the population changes.

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a) Demography is the study of human population.
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Study of human population is called demography i.e.option a
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(a) demograpghy is right one
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It's option 1, Demography
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