Pls answer it!!

Pls answer it!! l: TO ('ONTFXT Read the extracts and answer the following questions: I. When did my childhood go? Was it the day I ceased to be eleven, Was it the time I realized that Hell and Heaven, Could not be found in Geography, And therefore could not be, Was that the day! Questions (Hornbill, Page 58) (i) What does the poet talk about? (ii) When did the poet lose his childhood? (iii) What does the process of growing up involve?

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(i) The poet talks about his lost childhood. He wonders when did his childhood go.
(ii) The poet is not sure when did he lose his childhood. He wonders whether it was the day he turned eleven; or was it when he started to distinguish between fantasy and reality or was it the day when he could understand the hypocrisy of adults.
(iii) According to the poem, the process of growing up involves the attainment of maturity. A person is said to be grown up when he becomes logical, rational and is able to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

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