Pls answer no 8(b).

Pls answer no 8(b). b) Factorise: Fill in Llanks : Qwestion n. a) Simplify: b) 'i • - G. find Cak the 'he angks in figure; Find Of a to and a) diagonals equal to 24 crn. b) A mixture Of COI' rnilk the 7 : 3. H addßt il so that the ratio of milk 'o water may be : 7 ? C) a ratio n Question 10. b) A can do a pm• ot work in 23 days. and B can da it in 20 days •Ihey work al it together for f, days and tiwn A goes away. In bow many days will B finish the remaining ? (Use unitary method) ot 30 students O' a class obtained out Of 50 in an examination am en tn•low : prepare frequency What of class ' ' •lass interva3sO• i

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