Pls answer q 3

Pls answer q 3 3- into ways earthquakes, REARRANGING SENTENCES Rearrange first Snakes and our country. the are venomousYonly/300 outjspccies/2700 known which venomJ900,'a a expelled 'poison gland:that is/il 1STrom thejsuhstance of glands/madeJtissucs used it In theto treatJdoctorst'121h century/leprosy Imok at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to (Krm meaningful sentences. Write the cor rect sentences in your answer sheet against the correct numbers. i a the's 'Aorld•wrestl sports/in/thc/one of t b J Of: Europe' anc.envpeople'cave'wrestling/have televtsiorvamaleur wrestling}very different}the/from/islpmfessvonal n restlmg'on/secrv;thc ' d ' wrestlersJdo/wrestlc/love/tOr/they/wrestleiiOr the;of the lheiOlymp1cs'the top goal/nearly/at/eve.ry/of/is/to compete/amatcur wrestler Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentences. cornrnurucalions/nnt matter'were slow/" did/belwcen ditiérent/when theJparts of the world a.'pcople feel/our Allies/thc nccd/'bui In/eon•nuvn language ' c J lhwput been' vanous

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a)  It did not matter when Communications were slow between different parts of the world.
b) But people in our times feel the need for a common language.
c) Various solutions to the problem have been put forward.
d) The first was the creation of an artificial language unconnected with any existing language. 


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1. It did not matter when the Communications was slow between different parts of world.
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2. But in our times people feel the need for a common language
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3. Various problem to the solutions have been put forward
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