Pls answer q20

Pls answer q20 Perpendicular to Z-axis 4 20. Angle between lines r = (i + 2 j — k) (3i - —t)(4i — and r —(1 (D) The straight line 3 (A) Parallel to X-axis (B) Parallel to Y-axis allel to Z-axis -5 is 12 - 4k) lite Consic The ul (B) line lines 18 (C) cos¯ 21. If lines (B) 2 .v-2 2k 6 2 and (D) 3k then k is equal to (A) 7 10 perpendicular to each other, The 7 (B) 5 10 (D 22. A line with direction cosines proportional to 2, l, 2 meets each of the lines x = y + a : and x a 2y 22. The co-ordinates Of each Of the points or intersection are given by (A) (2a,a, 3a), (2a, a, a) (C) (3a,2a, (D) (30, 30, 3a), (a, a, a) The land

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We haver=i^+2j^-k^+λ3i^-4k^Hence direction of this line isl1=3i^-4k^r=1-t4i^-j^+t2i^+j^-3k^=4i^-j^-t4i^-j^+t2i^+j^-3k^=4i^-j^+t2i^+j^-3k^-4i^+j^r=4i^-j^+t-2i^+2j^-3k^Hence direction of this line isl2=-2i^+2j^-3k^Required angle is θ=cos-1l1.l2l1l2=cos-13i^-4k^.-2i^+2j^-3k^32+-42-22+22+-32=cos-1-6+129+164+4+9=cos-16517 Answer

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