Pls answer Q5 (a)

Pls answer Q5 (a) the nurnbe•ed blanks with the correct form the brackets 00 not copy the passage, but write in correct •.ertal word or phrase appropriate to the blank space. Example: 'O) looked Sural sight ot the board (2) (look) out of the door. He (1) (catch) (bear) the station's name He was so (astonish) that he almost (4) the compartment- He was back in his home town' After (S) (travel) for forty or fifty kilometers, here he (6) (fail) out ot (is) home again. He (7) (can) not understand it. He (8) (chmb) out of the compartment slowly.

5. Travelling
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Pls dont see my previous ans as I misunderstood ur question

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