Pls answer que 51 and 52

51. the focal length of the concave mirror in an experimental setup shown below, is
(a) 10.2cm
(b) 11.0​cm
(c) 11.4​cm
(d) 12.2cm

52. Four students, Ameeta, Zahira, Ravi and David performed the experiment of determination of focal length of a concave mirror separately. They measured the distance between the screen and the mirror as shown in the following diagram. Which one of there student is likely to get the correct value of local length of the convave mirror?
(a) Ameeta, (b) Zehira (c) Ravi (d) David.


Dear student,  Post multiple queries in separate threads so that we can help you more efficiently.Answer to question 51 is below,To determine the focal length we will first see the scale divisons and take readings.As rays of light coming from  infinity get focused towards focal point so the distance between mirror and this point will be focal length.Mirror position=33.6cmPosition of focused ray=22.6cmHence focal length of the mirror=33.6-22.6=11cmRegards

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Ravi is correct in 52 question and the image of 51 question is not clear.
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