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4. (i) Loo refers to the hot wind that blows over north India from the Thar desert during the summer season.
    (ii) Kaal baisakhi refers to the violent thunderstorms that occur in Jharkhand, Bihar, Bengal and Orissa during April.
    (iii) Mango showers are the pre-monsoon showers that occur during April in many parts of India.

7. The mechanism of the Indian monsoon is as follows. During the hot summer months, the Indian landmass becomes a low pressure zone. This attracts rain bearing winds from the Indian ocean.This is the south west monsoon. These monsoon winds lead to rainfall over most of India during the months from June to September. 

These winds then reverse directions from the end of October. As these winds blow over the Bay of Bengal, they collect moisture which leads to rainfall in the south eastern coast (mostly Tamil Nadu) during the months of November to December. 

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The Indian Monsoon Current refers to the seasonally varying ocean current regime found in the tropical regions of the northern Indian Ocean. During winter, the flow of the upper ocean is directed westward from near the Indonesian Archipelago to the Arabian Sea. During the summer, the direction reverses, with eastward flow extending from Somalia into the Bay of Bengal. These variations are due to changes in the wind stress associated with the Indian monsoon
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