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Correct option is (d)

Pseudocopulation describes behaviour similar to copulation.
​​It serves a reproductive function for one or both participants but do not involve actual sexual union between the individuals.
It is generally applied to a pollinator attempting to copulate with a flower.
Some flowers mimic a potential female mate visually but the key stimuli are often chemical and tactile. This is termed as Pouyannian mimicry.
For example: Orchids commonly achieve reproduction in this manner.

In an orchid Ophrys speculum (most interesting and unique mechanism of pollination), pollination occurs by a wasp called Culpa aurea.

The appearance and odour of Ophrys is similar to female wasp and are mistake by male wasps.
​Then they land on Ophrys flowers to perform act of pseudo-copulation and thus pollination takes place. This plant-insect relationship is useful only to plant.


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