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Pls answer this article 2) You are Aditi/Aditya. You visited the Taj at Agraduring the Autumn break whenthe Historical Society of your school organized a trip. You were impressed and noted the points. Autumn Break :- School closed- trip to Agra organized- journey- Taj Express — first sight of the Tuj- History teacher as guide some other places visited — Red Fort-Fatehpur Sikri- trip, educative and entertaining. Using above notes box, an aråcic on visit to a piace of Historical interest: in 150-200 words.

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  • As the school closed for the autumn break, the Historical Society of St. Joseph's School organised a trip to a place of historical significance.
  • The trip was organised to the city of Agra, where the Indian pride and one of the Seven Wonders of the World stood.
  • The journey to the city was planned on the Taj Express.
  • It was a memorable moment in my life as I saw the Taj Mahal for the first time in my life.
  • Our History teacher was the main guide and she explained the history related to the place.
  • The group also visited many other places of historical interest.
  • Some of these included Red Fort, Fatehpur Sikri etc.
  • The trip was both educating and entertaining.
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