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Let tangents drawn from point (0,5) to the ellipse  = 1 are perpendicular and meet major axis of ellipse at points A & B. A hyperbola 'H' is drawn whose eccentricity is reciprocal of eccentricity of ellipse & whose foci are points A & B, then- (1) eccentricity of ellipse is  (2) hyperbola 'H' is  = 25 (3) hyperbola 'H' is 4x2 – 12y2 = 75 (4) Length of latus rectum of ellipse is 

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For x2a2+y2b2=1, perpendicular tangents are drawn from director circlewhose equation isx2+y2=a2+b2Here b2=5x2+y2=a2+50,5 must lie on director circle0+25=a2+5a2=25-5a2=20Hence ellipse is x220+y25=1e=a2-b2a2=20-520=1550=34e=32Length of latus ractum=2b2a=2×520=1025=5

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