Pls answer this question...related to Ch-1 The Fun they had...

Dear Student,
A mechanical teacher would not care whether the child has understood a topic or not but our teachers leave no stone unturned to make the chapter easier to understand. They work hard on the students who are weak in studies and pay more attention to them so they can improve, but a robot teacher would not care. Only a human teacher can understand a student 's feelings. Human teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things.
The problem that Margie was facing with the mechanical teacher was that its geography part was set too fast and the tests were taken very frequently and Margie wasn't able to get the lessons. Also she was not doing well in the tests and got scolded by her mom, that's why she hated it. Her mom called the executive officer for checking the teacher and helped her.

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Margie's?mechanical teacher?was winded up a little to much for which Margie suffered with lots of geography tests. Tommy's?mechanical teacher's?memory about history lessons?were?completely blanked out and the?mechanical teacher?was took away for a month. This shows that even?mechanical teachers were not perfect.
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