Pls anyone answer rest of the idioms

Pls anyone answer rest of the idioms Dr_a.etisg. the given idiom s with their meanings. Then help from a dictionary. a. from far and wide b. kith and kin c. bury the hatchet d. question of the hour e. in the nick of time f. poles apart g. heart and sout more than welcorne reach the top h. next to nothing overstep the mark good for nothing knows no bound enter the fray make sentences with the You can Meanings friends and relatives to become friends again iii. Vii. viii. ix. Kii. xiii. 'present concern from all directions completely different 6 With great sincerity at the very last moment succeed cross the limit . limitless a hearty and hospitable invitation participate in a quarrel useless I xiv., -almost nil try to identity all the idioms used in any five of the seies or poems in pur Make a table as shown below and write down the meaning and an sentence for each idiom. meaning story/poem

It will be 2 3 5 1 6 7 4 9 13 11 8 14 12 10
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