Pls check this

Pls check this verb t h.' nearly every morning argues) on Phone Sony pitta (has. have' saved for later. Either her brother or her parents •lave) Farah's Mumbai address, Every man, woman. and child attends) the Republic Day parade. i. of the ice ( melt, the spring. Haif Of the answers (was, wyé) correct. Somewhere in the othce (is, e original copy of my report. The employee who (offers, Otler"e best suggestions will receive a week's paid trip to Hawaii. 10, Half of the assignment (is, ay61}eady complete. Neither of the employers, who interviewed me last week, (has. h called with the results. 12- A small gr019 of parents (hope' hopes) to meet on Sunday to discuss travel arrangements for the field trip. d the sweaters she had bought on sale (h , have) minor flaws,

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers that need correction.

1. moves
9. offers
10. is

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the answers are correct!
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