Pls derive expression for integrated rate law of zero,  first,  second and pseudo first order reaction!! 

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  • The Zero order reaction is independent of concentration of reactants. It is time dependent reaction.
So the integrated rate law will be  [A]=[A0]-kt
  • The first order reaction can be of following types 

In the second case the concentration of B is in excess so the rate of reaction will be dependent only on concentration of A
The integrated rate law will be rate=k[A]1
[A]=[A0] e-kt
  • The second order reactions can be of following types 
A+ACRate = k[A]2A+BCrate = k[A][B]
[A]=[A0] e-2kt
The pseudo first order reaction will be of the following type
Here molecularity is 2 and order is 1
The integrated rate expression will be
rate= k[A]1
For a first order reaction we have 

-d[A]dt= k[A]
So -d[A][A]=kdt 
Integrating the above equation we have 
loge[A] = kt +I
When t=0, [A] =[A]0

so I = -log e[A] 0
Putting the value of I in above equation we get 
loge[A]= kt +[-loge[A]0]
log e[A][A0]=e-kt
k = 2.303t×log 10[A0][A]

Kindly ask the  remaining derivations in a separate thread.

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