Pls do this don't give points give ans in passage pls.its class 9 question

Pls do this don't give points give ans in passage pls.its class 9 question • Writing Newspaper Reports Here are notes Which you could to write a ng 21 August 2005 — original handwritten manuscript 01 Albert Einstein — by student Rowdy Boeynik in the University 01 the unearthed Netherlands — Boeynik researching papers — papers belonging to an Old friend or Einstein — fingerprints Einstein on these papers — 16•page document dated 1924 — Einstein's On this — behaviour Of atoms at low temperature now known as the Bose-Einstein condensation — the manuscript to be kept at Leyden University where Einstein got the Nobel Prize. Write a report which has four IAragraphs. one cm.• What was unearthed. • Who unearthed it and when. • What the document contained. • Where it will be kept. nd are Your could like this: Student Unearths Einstein Manugript the Einstein 21 2005. An original handwritten has unearthed at a university the

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The manuscript was unearthed by a student named Rowdy Boeynik. He was researching papers for his project and got some papers belonging to an old friend of Einstein. Forensic experts found Einstein's finger print on those papers. The 16 page document dated 1924 contained Einstein's work on his last theory 'Behaviour of atoms at low temperature'. It is now known as the Bose-Einstein condensation. 
     Due to the significance of the papers, the manuscript will be kept at Leyden university where Einstein got the noble prize.

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