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Pls do this Underline the adjective clauses in these sentences and point out the noun €.- the pronoun they qualify. Students who are intelligent get good grades. 2 The students whose names are in the list will go to the camp. 3. Bring me the book that is lying on the table. 4. This is the boy who broke the rules. 5. negirl who is in red dress won the first prize. 6. Ididnot understand the question that you asked. I forgot to tell you the time when we will reach home. 8. The committee accepted every proposal that we submitted.

Dear Student, 

1. Adjective clause - who are intelligent
   Noun it qualifies - Students
2. Adjective Clause - whose names are in the list
    Noun it qualifies - the students
3. Adjective clause - that is lying on the table
    Noun it qualifies - book
4. Adjective clause - who broke the rules
    Noun it qualifies - boy
5. Adjective clause - Who is in red dress
    Noun it qualifies - girl
6. Adjective clause - that you asked
    Noun it qualifies - question
7. Adjective clause - when we will reach home
    Noun it qualifies - time
8. Adjective clause - that we submitted
    noun it qualifies - proposal


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