Pls explain 8 paragraph in simple language
8. Louisa Mebbin adopted. a
protective elder-Sister 
attitude towards money in 
general, irrespective of 
nationality or denomination. 
Her energetic intervention 
had saved many a rcuble from dissipating itself in tips in some, Moscow hotel, and
francs and centimes clung to her instinctively under circumstance which would have driven them headlong from less sympathetic hands. Her speculations as to the market 
depreciation of tiger remnants were cut short by the appearance on the scene of the 
animal itself. As soon as it caught sight of the tettered goat it lay flat on the earth, 
seemingly less from a desire to take advantage of all available cover than for the 
purpose of snatching a short rest before commencing the grand attack. 

Louisa Mebbin was a money minded person and was very protective towards money. Whenever she has intervened or taken part in money matters it has always saved some amount of money from going down the drain (by taking it for herself of course!). Her thought about the market values of the tiger remains was cut short when she saw the animal itself appear on the scene. As soon as the tiger caught sight of the tied goat it lay down not because it wanted to use the tall grass as a camouflage before attacking but for the purpose of catching a short nap before he could start the grand attack.

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