Pls explain me this question in words particulrly as i can understand the steps but not why is it used

if X = {4n 3n 1 :n∈ N} and Y = {9(n 1) :n∈ N}, where N is the set of natural numbers, then X ∪ Y is equal to:

Although the question is not clear but assuming, X=4n+3n+1 : nN and Y =9n+1: nNwhere N is the set of natural numbersNow we have to find XY.Means here first we have toi find out the set of number that comes under X and again set of numbers that comes in Y and then take the union of these two X and Y.For example few values of X= 8, 23, ..... after putting n = 1,2,3....and Y= 18, 27........ after putting the value of n =1,2,3....So XY=8,18,23,27....

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