Pls explain Q.112
Q.112. During phloem loading
(1) Loss of solute particles causes increase of water potential in the phloem
(2) Water returns to the xylem
(3) Sucrose enters in the sieve tube cell by passive transport
(4) Creates hypertonic cordition in the sieve tube ceil

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Please refer the solution below for the said query

The correct option is (4).

The process of loading at the source into the phloem produces a hypertonic condition in the phloem.

Glucose prepared at the source is converted into sucrose. Sucrose is moved to the companion cells, and then to the living phloem sieve tube cells by active transport. This process of loading creates a hypertonic condition in the phloem.

Water in the adjacent xylem moves into the phloem by osmosis. As osmotic pressure builds up the phloem sap will move to the areas of lower pressure.

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