pls explain the bracket one

pls explain the bracket one S. SLATER : SLATER : JORDAN • That doesn't matter now I'm thinking Of destroying it and another. (sobbing) Grandfather, you'll not be hard on me. "II trouble you for another cup of tea, 'Melia: two lumps and milk. With pleasure. Grandfather. (She pours out the tea.) I don't want to be hard on anyone. I'll tell you what I'm going Since your mother died, I've lived part of the time with you, and part with you, Lizzie. Well, shall make a new will, leaving an bits of things to whomever I'm living with when I die. How does strike you? It's a bit of a lottery-like. And who do you intend to live with from now? MRS. MRS. SLATERa, ABEL BEN ABEL : BEN and MRS. JOf

Dear Student,

​​​​​​Here the grandfather said that as there mother was dead. He would live part of his time with Melia and part of his time with Lizzie. He will make a new will according to which when he dies all his property will belong to the person with whom he will be living then.


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