Pls explain this paragraph .. Kindly give line by line explanation , explaining the deep meaning of difficult words .. Which condition of Shahid is being talked here , and difference did it make and how ?? And what is dying man and what is getting multiplied and why ? Elaborate

Dear Student, 

Shahid was suffering from cancer and was likely to die soon. Due to his condition, every encounter or meeting with him was special for the narrator. It was sad to talk about things that Shahid loved like food and figures from the past because he was dying. However, the fact that he was a great poet and possessed a high degree of knowledge made talking with him pleasurable. Due to his knowledge, despite the sadness surrounding his death, talking with him was a great experience. 

The condition being talked about is Shahid suffering from cancer. Since he was about to die, talking with him evoked sadness.
Shahid is the man who was dying.
The knowledge of Shahid multiplied the pleasure of the narrator. Due to the immense knowledge that Shahid possessed, talking with him made the narrator happy.

Difficult words:

Trivial: unimportant matters
Poignant : causing sadness


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