Pls  give marks out of 5 on this and tell my mistakes. Also advice ways to make it perfect
​              expert and certified answers only please
​ Pls  give marks out of 5 on this and tell my mistakes. Also advice ways to make it perfect ​              expert and certified answers only please (Q) Read the given line and complete the story in 150-200 words: When Amit woke up in the morning and looked at his face in the mirror he did not recognize the face looking back at him. "This is not me!" he cried aloud . (ANS) Monday mornings were always the worst thing of his life the day before, it always used to be a holiday and coming out Of that schedule was always difficult for him. Like always his Monday enemy alarm clock ranged and he woke up to turn it off. He went towards the bathroom with his blur vision because of his half opened eyes and turned towards the wash basin. He splashed in some waterin his eyes fora clear vision and raised his face up to watch himself into the mirror. What he saw in the mirror him with astonishment. His face had turned green and had grown a huge beard and moustache. He was so haunted by his reflection that he was forced to touch the mirror and sense whetherthis was all an illusion or not as he raised his hand he noticed big claw like nails on his dull green coloured hand and his eyes which had turned red. He touched it and foundthat everything happened to him was real. He shouted "that is not me!" he even noticed a roar coming out of his mouth when he did that. The roar even broke several glasses of the house which he noticed latter was actually a den. He then came out of the dento take a look around the new world. While walking he saw that everyone whom he passed through was gettingscared of him, one or two even called the police. First he thought that his go green personality made everyone scared of him butthe real reason for this was known by him only when he saw a wanted posterwith a similar face he was with. With the help of the poster he came to know that he was a monsterwho hadbeen destroying the village from the past few decades and the police had promised a reward of Rs ten crore:on him . While he was reading the poster he heard a sound of a police car siren. He lookedup and saw that the police had encircled him and the orders were to shoot at sight. One of the police man fired but the bullet that struck him bounced away from his rock texture body asif it was a ball that hit him. Nowit was his turn to attack, he roared once again so loud that all the police cars got blasted butthe policemen didn't stop they took out heir bazookas and aimed at him while one while one of them held a loudspeaker and announced "wake up Amitand get readyfor school. You are alreadyvery late 'the voice echoed his ears until he was finally woken up bv his mother realizing that everything he saw and did was a dream.

Dear Student, 
You have made a good attempt in answering this question. However, there are a few punctuation and grammatical mistakes like instead of "latter", it should have been "later" and comma(,) wasn't required after the word "before" in the first line. Although your idea and the context of the story is interesting but it can only be used as a fictional theme. You could have added certain elements that would have made it sound a bit real and acceptable according to the contemporary times, for example, instead of a green hulk-like monster, you could have shown the character transformed into an animal. Rest is fine and I would give you 3 marks out of 5.


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