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Answer the following questions :
Q.1. "It is his karam, his destiny," says Mukesh's grandmother ............. "Can a God-given lineage ever be broken"?
Do you think this kind of fatalistic attitude is good in the fast life of today?

Dear student,

It is an opinion based question and one must present their individual point of view for the given statement. However, here is a sample of how an opinion with an appropriate supporting argument should be written:

I feel that we should choose our career and profession by choice and not by chance. We must avail the best of the opportunities that are available and come out of the age old tradition of doing what the older generation did. It is not necessary in today's world that a farmer's son should be a farmer or even for that matter a doctor's son should be a doctor. A profession should be chosen based on your interests and skills. The fatalistic attitude of Mukesh's grandmother is not good in the fast life of today. If a young man or woman thinks so and stops putting in efforts to break the lineage, it would be difficult for the country and the future generations to have a bright future.


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