Pls give me the solution of this question

Pls give me the solution of this question 10 : Net amount paid .71 Discount Received C6.000. : Net amount received Discount allowed e6.000.l Record the iOllowing transactions in the books of Sahdev & Sons assuming WLOctionS have been entered within the state of Bihar, Charging CGST and SGST B each Bought goods from Nanak Bros. tor at 10% trade discount and 3% cash discount on purchase price. of the amount paid at the time of purchase. Isold goods to Kumar & Sons. e 2,00.000 at 20% trade discount and cash 'discount on sale price. of the amount received by Cheque. Received from Gopi Chand 38.000 by Cheque after deducting 5% cash discmmt: paid t 20,000 for rent by Cheque. paid for salaries by Cheque. (VI) Goods worth e 10.000 distributed as free samples. 5,000 due from Chanderkant are bad-debts. Sold household furniture for 15,000 and the invested into

It this is ur answer.??

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