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Has your life been different from or similar to that of kazia when you were a child? has your perception about your parents changed now? Do you find any change in your parent's behaviour vis - a vis? who has become more understanding? what steps would you like to take to build a strong relationship based on understanding? write three or four paragraphs (150 -200 words discuss these issues from your experience. 

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question. Work on this as this is a creative writing task.
  • To some extent, my life and the life of others have been slightly similar to the life of Kezia.
  • At some point, we have all been scared of our parents.
  • However, this perception changes over the years.
  • As we grow up, we mature to understand the underlying purpose of their corrections.
  • It is we, children, who have changed and grown responsible.
  • In order to have a strong relationship, we ought to respect and obey our elders.
  • We need to imbibe the reality that they are more experienced than us. 
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