Pls give some points to write a letter :?

In order to save money for other useful purposes, your principal has decided to cancel all field trips for the remainder of the year. Write a letter to your principal requesting him to allow students to continue field trips.

Thank You...

Dear student 

The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However here are a few useful hints. 


Sub: On the cancellation of future field trips.

Dear Sir/Madam 

- I am ABC from class IX-B. I wanted to discuss with you, the matter of cancelling all future field trips. 
- I understand that you are cancelling them due to budget restraints but consider these points. 
- Field trips are not merely a source of entertainment. They also make studying enjoyable. 
- A student will find understanding a concept from a book quite hard. However, on a field trip, the student gets to see directly, what is being taught. 
- You will agree that learning through experience is far more effective than learning from a book.
- If field trips are cancelled, students will no longer have anything to look forward to. 
- Students will get bored of reading all the time and will start to get less marks. 
- Instead of cancelling field trips, requests could be sent to parents to fund their child's trip.
- If they see the educational value behind a field trip, they will definitely pay for it.



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