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Pls give this answer (3) Look at these pictures: The second picture is obtained by removing the small triangle formed byjoining the midpoints ofthe first triangle. The third picture is got by removing such a middle triangle from each ofthe red triangles of the second picture. 1) How many red triangles are there in each picture? i) Taking the area ofthe first triangle as 1, compute the areaofa small triangle in each picture. i) What is the total area ofall the red triangles in each picture? iv) Write the algebraic expressions for these three sequences obtained by continuing this process. thmetic sequences

Hi, a;-In first picture there is 1 red triangle in second picture there are 3 red triangleIn last picture there are 9 red triangle.b;-Area of the first triangle is 1 square unit. Now we know that joining the mid point of sides of triangle here we have to assume the first triangle as equilateralbegets 4 equilateral triangle so area of each triangle = 14×1 square unit = 14 square unit Now centeral triangle remains as it is and rest three are repeated in the same fashion as we have obtained image 2 from image 1 so area of each triangles formed except central triangle= 14×14 square unit = 116 square unit and they are 12 and 13th is the central triangle with area 14 square unit c;As calculated in part B, area of red triangle in first image =1 square unit.area of all the red triangle in second image =3×14 square unit =34 square unitarea of all the red triangle in third image =9×116 =916 square unitd;three sequance are 1,3,9 so ther are y =3x here x = 1,2,3 and y is the next term  

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