pls help me answer my hw i beg you guys pls

pls help me answer my hw i beg you guys pls iting •tjvity 8 Identify the literary devices used in the following sentences. Write S if it is ile, M if metaphor, I if irony. and p if Personification. Write the letter of the rrect answer on the line. l, He is as slow asa turtle. It takes three to four hours before he could finish his work. 2. Life can never be a smooth-sailing road. There will always be humps and rocks along the way. 3. I could see that she's a ballet dancer whenever she sways and moves with the music. 4 Stop looling your brother. He might be as scary as a wildboar if he gets angry. Great! Luck has come our way. I never thought that our plan will be successful, Everything was messed up.

Dear Student,
Here's your answer - 

1. Simile
2. Metaphor
3. Metaphor
4. simile
5. Irony


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5) personification
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1) simile
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4) simile
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Sorry dont know the 2 and 3 answer..If I knew the answer i would have posted it..maybe it will take some time for me to think.. i am sorry..
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