Pls match the following

Pls match the following 0) is the process of deliver,' Of a Child. (f) rna&nals gradient by s*nding energy. is a shW Mere urine collected, (iv) Circ•.iaton heart and (v) Shrinkhg of plant cell to exosmosis is cüd Write True or Fabe Rewri& i) ADP formed during photophosphorylation _ i) into me vo "i) is reabsorbed in loop i") Homo habilis came after Homo erectus v) Of retina sensitive to are ot Match me Counn A mat is (g) 4. Column B. Rewrite the Matching pairs t_JNtS Homozygous dominant ReductiM Of dvnæornes Identical daughter cell a) b) d) 0 hybrid cross DNA Alternative Of

Dear student,
Refer below for above asked query:-
Hereditary Units ------> DNA
Homozygous dominant ----->Alternative form of gene
Reduction in number of chromosomes----->Meiosis
Identical daughter cell----->Dihybrid cross

Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic.

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