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Pls reply fast! suro•nds us would have returning to the home he knew. th&' see him make nd move I forgive him too. sorrow a new love. (Hornbill. Page SWS ) speaker 'Aish his son to In story •The Son-. how did the boy retu•n iiO us' imiicates? Ans

Dear Student.

i) The father wishes that both he and his son should put out an empty hand because there is a need to reach out to each other devoid of previous baggage. In such a situation they would come to each other without their own preconceived notions or conditions, choosing to forgive and forget. They have nothing common anymore and nothing that can be shared between them. So they must start afresh from that state and possibly discover a common ground which can accommodate their divergent views of looking at life.
ii) In the story, the boy returns home when all his money runs out and he realises his mistake..
iii) It means that it has been too long that the father and the son have shared things with each other so there is an awkward silence that envelops them.  ​

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