​pls solve attached Qno. ​
​pls solve attached Qno. ​ 3. A proton is moving with uniform velocity in x-z plane at an angle of 300 with x-axis, in the presence of an electrostatic field É = (4 kV/m)j and magnetic field g = (50 mT)k. Find the pitch of the helical trajectory followed by the proton (approximately to the nearest integer in crn) when the electric field is switched off. Mass of proton is 1.67 x 10-27 kg. o x z

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nce the particle moving with constant velocity net force is zero .Bqvsin60=qE50*10-3*v*32=4000v=92376 m/stime period of revolution T=2πmBq=2π*1.67*10-2750*10-3*1.6*10-19=0.13*10-5 sec.pitch=92376*0.13*10-5=0.12116 m Regrds

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