Pls solve number 4,5,6 of 11

Pls solve number 4,5,6 of 11 Raju for 30,000 acceptancx for he following : & Sons Traders for tor the Journal Inure dealer— from 30,000 9,000 11.000 8,000 the fc"lov+ 500 on credit. 20*11 Detective goods sold B on credit (Delhi. 201" Provision 'o, Doubtful Debts debtors of loelhi. 20111 (iv) Purchased Furniture from R. Singh in the 20111 (v) Received trom Sreekanth his neptance a' 3 months 30.000, (vi) The above acceptarRe (vii) Endorsed a gals ReceivatNe endorsed 10 a Creditor (Viii) Sold g'XjdS to Shyamacharan to r Cash Ox) Discount Allowed a 30 and Cash Received 970. (x) Abnormal Loss ot an Ofte Car due then 12. ntør the g s in Proper— (O Outstanding Salary 'o Star Gcnds wilhdrawn by Proprietor tog use Purchased an on 'o' 15,000 from Han sons Depreciate Furniture With value o' 55.000 a year (v) Cancelled an Eceptance given to 4.000 on technical reasMts due A. Pali' iS to to the account of C Pali' (Hint: C. palit A/c and palit creditl (Ans. 1. Total 12,700 Total 66800 37,347 4 84.250 5 VAT 14.850: Freight Total 53,550 Total 16.270 8, Total 54,920 Total ail's Payable Total Bills Payab'e (i) m,rchase (iO Sales Relum gook Journal (iv' Jour nal Proper (v) Bins Receivable Journal Proper Journal Cash Book Journal prtwer n. Skills (HOTS)

4. Furniture A/c Dr     15,000
        To R.Singh                     15,000
(Being furniture purchased from R.Singh)

5. Bills Receivable A/c Dr     30,000
        To Sreekanth                              ​30,000
(Being Sreekanth gave his acceptance amount due)

6. Sreekanth A/c Dr.            30,000
         To Bills Receivable               30,000
(Being acceptance dishonoured)

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