pls solve problem no. 19

pls solve problem no. 19 • f the A em 'ong. 60 wide. em high. A metal block '-m by 'S is into the tank and Find in the amount the level rises, Find the Of wood required for making thc bov with internal dimensions : 20cm by cm by cm wood I .25 cm thick. 18. Find the of wood required for making the .yv•nbavwith external dimensions 17.5 cm long, 14 wide, 10 cm high, wood 7.5 mm thick. 19. A field is 30 m long and 18 m broad. A pit 6 m long. 4 m wide and 3 m deep, is dug out from the middle of the field and the earth removed is evenly spread over the remaining area to the field. Find the rise in the level of the remaining part of the field in centimetres correct to one decimal place. (ICSE) 20. An agricultural field is in the form ofa rectangle of length 20 m and width 14 m. A pit 6 m long 3 m wide and 2.5 m deep is dug in the corner of the field and the earth taken out from the pit is spread uniformaly over the remaining area of the field. Find the extent to which the level of the field has been raised. A certain quality of wood costs 2 3

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Given, Field  length L1=30m            width B1=18mlet       height H1=xArea of field = 30×18 = 540 m2 Given Measurement of pit,           length L2=6m            width B2=4m          height H2=3mVolume of earth dug out from pit = 6×4×3 = 72 m3Area of pit = 6×4 = 24m2Remaining Area of field = 540-24 = 516 m2pit is evenly spread over field so,volume of remaining field=volume of pitL1×B1×H1=L2×B2×H2Rise in levelx = 72516 x = 0.139 mx = 13.9 cmHence the rise in level of field is 13.9 cm

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The volume of the soil taken out from the pit = 6 x 3 x 2.5 m3 = 45 m3
Now, The surface area of the remaining field is = (20 x 14) - (6 x 3) = 280 - 18 = 262 m2
When the soil taken out is spread uniformly over the remaining field, height increased will be
h = 45 m3/ 262 m2
=> h = (45/262) m = (4500/262) cm = 17.17557 cm
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