Pls solve Q 21

Pls solve Q 21 Of 90 km/h at the top of lotion of the ve train each respect to plane mth n.jch that B is equal to Motion in a (Projectile Motion) A Particle projected trom origin rnoves jn plane With a velocity e 3; . where ; and j are the unit vectors along x and y a'is. Find the equation o' path followed by tho particle A txxty of mass 1 kg is projected from ground at an 30' mth honzontal on a level ground at a speed SO m's magnitude Of change tn momentum Of dunng 'ts flight is (g 10 m/s2) 20 21 22 (1) 50 e.ornO (2) 100 kg ms-' (4) Zero ate projected at angles — and speed Th0 ratjo of honzontal ranges descnbed by them iS (1) tan 0M (2) 1 ' tanao A fired vertically upwards with a vokYitv

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option 3 is correct as sin (90- A) = sin(90+A)
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