Pls solve q8 in detail

Pls solve q8 in detail the more precise, 11 at spaced wavelengths. at For two nearly equal wavelengths | and 2 bet which a diffraction grating can just barely disting resolving power R of the grating is defined as where, + X 2)/2 and AX = Z 2 -RI. 7. A slit of width d is illuminated by white light. For (X = 6500 Å), the first minima is obtained at 0 = Then, the value of d will be (a) 3250Å (c) 1.24 microns 6.5 x 10-4mm (d) 2.6 x 10-4 cm electr , fiel dire perpen e of po tnary light ( .:Æd in all fil with 8. The light of wavelength 6328 Å is incident on a 0.2 mm perpendic rly, the angular fringe widt (a) 0.360 (b 0.180 (c) 0.720 (d) 9. A diffraction pattern is obtained using a beam What happens, if the red light is replaced by bl (a) No change (b) Diffraction bands become narrower and cr (c) Diffraction bands become broader and farther (d) Bands disappear 10. Direction of the first secondary maximum in th diffraction pattern at a single slit is given by (a the slit) (a) asin 31 it of width will be red light. light? together art Fraunhofer the width

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