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Average speed=total distance travelled/total time taken.
Let the distance between A and B is‘d’.
From A to B:
Let time taken = t1
Then, t1=d60 (in hr)
From B to A:
Let time taken = t2
Then, t2=d80 (in hr)
Now, total time taken, 
t=t1+t2 =d60+d80=7d240 hr
Total distance travelled = d + d = 2d
Then, Average speed is = total distancetotal time=2d7d240=4807=68.57 km/hr
average velocity =total displacementtotal time=0total time= 0 km/hr
(displcament is zero as the initial point = final point)
Average speed=68.57 km/hr
Average velocity =0


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