Pls solve the sentences. It's urgent

Dear student
1. The climate of Delhi is better than that of Mumbai.
2. Our soldiers were better organized than the enemies.
3. One must not praise one's achievements.
4. Everyone is discontented with their lot in life.
5. Everyone has their own ideas on co-education.
6. The two brothers quarelled with each other.
7. They all gave evidence against one another.
8. I did not buy any of the three pictures.
9. None of the three books were worth reading.
10. One hardly knows what to do with oneself.
11. Each person did his own work.
12. None of the party injured themselves.
13. The size and quality of this mirror is as important as that of the other.
14. You may have any of these five mangoes.
15. I prefer black horses than brown.

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