Pls solve this

Pls solve this the sentences using infinitives, past participle. present participle He too tired They served us starters The candidates hoped We squeezed ourselves through the windbw The old couple left The children sat down The audience waited footpath appears neat and beautiful. chicks are kept in a separate place. pieces may poke any passerby. The children trooped out we ironed our clothes. He cleaned his room we sat on the chair, _ is risky, Phe worker finished was what she liked.

Dear Student,
The answers are:
1. to work.
2. to eat.
3. to win.
4. been caught.
5. to escape from the room.
6. a broken watch.
7. to study.
8. Walking on
9. to watch the show.
10. Diseased 
12. to go to the forest. 
13. Having bathed
14. to make it look good.
15. Tired
16. Trekking 
17. working.
18. Singing

Hope this helps.

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