pls someone help me to solve the question number 7

pls someone help me to solve the question number 7 . to labourers *2000 and salary due to the elen n,ooo From the following Trial Balance extracted books or Mr. the year ended 31st March. Saaon 1st April. 2017 : Brcluses mawings vies and Wages Investrnents Plant & Equipment Sales Van (purchased on 1st Jan., 2018) Upkeep of Sales Van Carriage Inwards Bad Debts Debtors Cash on hand and at bank \djustrnents : 30.000, capital Returns 24.0001 Creditors 36.000' Bills Payable 10.000 Commission Interest on Sales Provision for Doubtful Debts 3,200 4.800 5,000 7,000 1, 27,000 7.200 (l) Charge one-fourth of ' 'Salaries and Wages" to Trading Alc. (2) Insurance includes a premium of ?800 paid for one year ending 30th June 2018. (3) Commission receivable 0,000. (4) Depreciate Plant & Equipment by 10% p.a. and Sales Van by 20% p.a. (5) Goods of the value of 15,000 have been destroyed by fire and the Insurance Company has admitted the claim upto 60%. (6) Create a provision for doubtful debts at 5%. Bad debts •written off 0,000 and provide for discount on debtors at 4%. 12 (7) Stock was valued at on 31st March, 2018.

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