Pls tell adverbs in this passage....

Pls tell adverbs in this passage.... 19. Read the article and identify example of adjectives and adverbs. The Brink's - MAT Robbery The biggest robbery in British history took place on 26 November 1983 when six men broke into the Brink's - MAT warehouse at Heathrow Airports, London. They stole B minion in cash and three tonnes of gold bullion, worth around €26 million. The armed robbers poured petrol over the terrified security guards and threatened to set them alight. The British police pursued the gang tirelessly, and in 1984 Brian Robin son and gang leader Michael Mc Avoy were caught and found guilty of armed robbery, receiving sentences of 25 years in prison. However the other members of the gang are still at large, and the bulk of the gold has never been found.

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