Pls tell how to do "problem 3 and 6".

Pls tell how to do "problem 3 and 6". chi of steam is produced trom 2 Or 150cm3 of steam is produced from N20= — XJ5() = 300 cm3 Practice problems problem 1. Calculate the volume of hydrogen that will combine with 40 litres of oxygen to form steam at and atmospheric pressure. (Ans. 80 problem 2. The following mixtures of gases aFé exploded over mercury and allowed to cool. What will be volume and composition of the resulting gases in each case-2 All volumes are measured at laboratory temperature and (i) 10 cm3 of CO and 20 cm3 of (ii) 15 cm3 of H2 and 15 cm3 of 02. (iii ) 5 cm3 of methane (CHO and cm3 of 02. [Ans. (i) 15 cm3 02 and 10 cm3 of C02 (iO 7.5 crn3 of 02 (Vol. of O formed is negligible being a liquid) (iii) 15 cm3 of 02 and 5 cm3 of C021 —Problem 3. 7 litres of hydrogen were m • ed with 8 litres of chlorine and exposed to light. Find the composition of the resultant mixture. [Ans. 14 litres HCI and I litre C121 Problem 4. What volume of hydrogen will ombine with 16 m3 of nitrogen to form ammonia ? What volume of ammonia will be p ced, all at the same temper and ressure ? [Ans. H2 = 48m3 ; NH3 = 32 Problem 5. Wh t volume of oxygen would be required for t e complete combustion of 100 litres of ethane according to the equati (I.CS.E. 2001) [Ans. 350 L] C02 + 6/-120 2C2H6 + 702 Problem 6. Calculate the volume of oxygen necessary to burn completely 5 litre butane gas (G',HI What is the [Ans. 32.5 litreo/; 20 litre C021 volume of carbon dioxide formed ? Problem 7. Consider the first step in the industrial production of nitric acid : 4N0(g, + 6H20tg) + 502 (g, What volume Of NO, measurgJ at 1.0 atm and 10000C, can be produced from 20.01, NH,and excess 02 measured at the same temperature and pressure ? problem 8. What volume of 02, at STP, is required for the complete C 41110, at STP ? Butane is the fuel in disposable cigarette lighters. Problem 9. Carbon monoxide combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxi 2C0 + 02 - 2C02 200 cm3 of carbon monoxide is mixed with 200 cm3 of oxygen at room f 4.50 dm3 (li (An to the follow ignited. • f anv- 0.01.] ma

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