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The drama 'Evan tries an O-level' brings out the reality of crime and punishment and the efforts put by both sides to succeed in a witty and interesting way. The chase of criminals is a cumbersome process and tying them down, specially the ones who are one step ahead of the authorities, becomes difficult for the police and concerned personnel. Criminals are bound to think of an escape but keeping them under guards and tight security is the prime responsibility of the authorities. 
In this chapter, Evans is clever and masterful in detailed planning of his escape, keeping in mind the tiniest of intricacies. Handling such criminals require a great deal of effort, if one is being sympathetic and trying to help him grow as a person, rather than just treating him as a prisoner who is booked for a crime and will be released when the term ends. The governor tried a similar thing, he did not stop Evans from getting a German test, even after realising it could be his plan to escape. He in a way gave him a chance and trusted the personnel and the security in handling the whole thing. But the consequences were nowhere close to what he had thought. 
Therefore, a criminal should be handled in a way that is suitable to his nature. In case of unsurety, the criminal should not be trusted and should be restricted to complete imprisonment. Since not all criminals are same, some criminals might want to be engaged with sympathetically and thus grow out of their criminal image. Such people should be supported but without any negligence in security. The authorities should also never underestimate the potential of a criminal in thinking ahead of them and planning escapes. and thus, strict vigilance and absolute mindfulness is required. 
Adolescents should learn how to think ahead of the criminal and what might go wrong when dealing with such people. Overconfident behaviour can ruin the case at hand, complicating it more. One should condemn the crime, sympathise with the criminal if needed but never risk the criminal with any less vigilance and security. Complete imprisonment as punishment can ensue in cases the criminal doesn't deserve any sympathy.


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