Pls tell the puzzle

Pls tell the puzzle 4. Solve the following puzzle with the help of the clues given below. words to be filled in can be used as collective nouns. 4. Ote 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A number of people watching 1. a match A number of people at a religious meeting A number of people gathered for some common purpose 2. A number of people enjoying a concert A number of people gatherexi together in a disorgantsed way all s. c s 6. c 3. A number of people collected that may become violent Grammar Around Us Many a times, you see action words you that can be used as as wed as Name sax verbs havtng the same form as nouns. Examples: watch— My father gifted me a watch. watch-Please watch htm carefuny.

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1. Spectators
2. Congregation 
3. Assembly

4. Audience
5. Crowd
6. Mob

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