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Plss fast ma Progress Check State the reasons for the following. (i) A square is a special kind of a rectangle. (ii) A rhombus is a special kind of a parallelogram. (iii) A rhombus and a kite have one common property (iv) A square and a rhombus have one common property. What type of quadrilateral is formed when the following pairs of triangles are joined together? Equilateral triangle. (i) Right angled triangle. (ii) (iii) Isosceles triangle.

i.A square is a special type of rectangle.Reason : It has all the sides of equal length.ii.A rhombus is a special kind of gm.Reason : It has all the sides of equal lengthiii.A rhombus and a kite have one common property.Reason : Diagonals of rhombus and kite intersect each other at right angle.iv.A square and rhombus have one common property.Reason : All the sides of rhombus and square are equal in lengths.

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