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Dear student, 1. The characteristics of an organism (a plant or an animal) that help it survive in its habitat are called adaptations . Example: Adaptations of animals in deserts Deserts are very hot and receive very little rainfall in a year. These conditions make deserts very harsh for the survival of living beings. Therefore, animals living in deserts have some special features. Camels have long legs, which help them walk on sand. They do not sweat and their dung is dry. This allows them to conserve water in their body. Other desert animals such as rats and snakes live in burrows to stay away from the intense heat. These animals surface during the night when it gets colder. 2. The place where an organism lives is called as a habitat. It is like a home for that organism where it is found or where it lives. There are generally two main types of habitats: 1)Terrestrial habitats 2)Aquatic habitat For example, fishes lives in water and thus have aquatic habitat. Animals like cow, tiger etc live on land thus have terrestrial habitat. Kindly ask the other questions in a separate thread. Thanks and regards

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